One of my many hobbies are Photography, so i decided to create this photo blog to share my pics with you all.

Sometimes, most of the times you have to take tons of pictures to get one just right. Wherever i go, whenever i go, i take my camera with me, and i take photos of everything, there are times when i didn’t even realize that i made a good shot until i get home and connect the camera to my PC.

My pictures represent memories, places, feelings. every single one of them has a story behind it, sometimes i will share that story with you, sometimes it may be too personal, or too hard to write about. Either way i hope you will see the beauty in them.

I’m not a pro photographer, my gear consists in a Canon EOS 350 D camera with standard lens, and a tripod. That’s all. Sometimes i take the liberty to enhance my pics or modify them a little with Lightroom or Photoshop. And i have some pics that were taken with other devices.

With this first post i give you a pic about myself (from 2007), taken with my Canon 350 D and enhanced with photoshop. For the moment this picture will be used at the top of my blog page as well.

Me 2007

I hope you will enjoy! See you soon.