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“I make you mine

In my dreams,

on the canvas of time

I paint it green

Reality is a blur,

don’t wake me up.

Let me dream,

Let me dream…..

I can feel you,

i can taste happiness,

In your lies.

Let me dream,

Please let me dream

It’s all i have.

Shut my eyes

and you’re here

take me now

Make me feel.

let me dream

At lest let me dream.”


The picture was taken in 2010, with Canon 350D at the Venice biennale of Architecture, in the picture you can see a miniature of an architectural utopia concept. The “poem” is my recent creation, i wrote it inspired by the song Cazzette – Blue sky, it’s not really a poem or i don’t know what it is. I just had to write it down so i’m sharing it with you all.