Really amateur Photography

Flower – Tulip



If we were at flowers seems ok to continue the row. Here are some wonderful tulips from a wedding bouquet!

Picture taken with Canon 350 D, year 2011.


Flower – Innocent rose


Looks like it’s flower time, with Valentine’s day coming soon it’s only appropriate to post a picture with a rose. Besides i promised to myself that even if i feel miserable and depressed i won’t show it on this blog. So i wish happy Love holidays for everyone!!!

Picture taken with canon 350 D, year 2011, modified with lightroom.

Flower – Orchidaceae


Hy! here it is my first flower photo!. There is not so much to say about it.

Photo taken with my Canon 350 D. Unmodified.

THE ruin!


Happy New Year! I am Back with a bang!!!

What better way to start the year than with a picture of my favorite ruin of all times. A place where you can feel the footprints of history. I’m feeling nostalgic and some other things…. let’s not talk about that. This is a place of photography and art. Hope you enjoy.

Picture taken with Canon 350 D, the place is Zsambek (near Budapest) Hungary. Year 2008. Unmodified picture.

That time of the year!


Winter is coming. In fact it’s already here, with holidays and such. I will take a little personal time, because i have some personal things going on and i can’t really concentrate on writing or taking pictures. so i will be absent for a while, i hope that not too long.

i leave you with this picture of a fallen tree. taken with my Canon 350 D in 2012, unmodified.

I hope you enjoy the holiday season.



I have here a picture from Norway, from an island near Kristiansand called Hellesund. I had the opportunity to stay there a few weeks and i can say that it’s an amazing place, it’s quiet and peaceful. If i had more luck i would be staying there instead of the shitty country i am in right now. But life doesn’t always give us what we want.

Picture taken with Canon 350 D, in June 2012, Norway, unmodified.

Ruin.(1) Wenckheim castle


Here i am with a new pic. And i am extremely happy that i could take this picture. I got a break today and on my way to some business i had the chance to take some amazing pictures. Fortunately the weather was with me so i really like what i accomplished. I hope you like it too!!

Picture taken with Canon 350 D, today (15.11.2016) at Wenckheim castle ruins near Bekescsaba, Hungary, unmodified.

When in Venice!


This is one of my favorite shots. I had the opportunity to visit Venice in 2010 during the Biennale of Architecture in November. I spent 4 amazing days just walking around and admiring the buildings and trying to make pictures. I made lots of them but only this single one measures up to my expectations. The weather was horrific all 4 days of my stay, rainy, cloudy, foggy mess. I had no light to work with, nothing.

Somehow this picture turned out ok, and whenever i look at it i feel calmness. I even used it for my phones background picture for 5 years. I hope you like it.

Picture taken with canon 350 D, Venice, November 2010, unmodified.

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